DMS 4. postponed, again.


The Dutch Customs Authority is replacing its declaration system AGS (Aangiftesysteem - Declaration system). The new declaration system DMS 4.0 (Douaneaangifte Management Systeem - Customs Declaration Management System) was originally scheduled to go live in April but was postponed until October 2022. Because of issues linking DMS to their accounts receivable the Customs Authority has delayed the implementation of DMS 4.0 until further notice.

The Customs Authority will discuss the current issues with the European Commission and will release the new implementation date as soon as it is known. 

What can you do to prepare for the migration to DMS? 

The Customs Authority has released a checklist for companies to start preparing for the migration to DMS. 

Step 1 - Determine the status of your preparations 

Your internal organisation must be ready to migrate to a new declaration system. You should prepare your internal organisation first before starting the external migration. If you have not yet started the preparations, you should do so as soon as possible. 

Questions that can help you prepare for the migration: What is the impact on internal processes and applications? Do we have the knowledge and skills needed to migrate successfully? Which parties are involved in the migration? Do we have enough budget allocated for the migration? Are the people needed for the migration available? 

Step 2 - How is the migration structured 

The Dutch Customs Authority will send invites to companies that declare through AGS. They will start with those that only do import and storage declarations and move on to companies that do export declarations and combined import-export declarations. 

Step 3 - Technical connections to AGS and DMS 

It comes down to systems communicating with systems. It is important that all systems on your end are configured correctly for the new situation. 

Waiting for a date… 

For now, there is not much more you can do than make sure you know what to do and what parties and people should be involved when the new planning for the go-live of DMS is communicated. The ball is firmly in the court of the Dutch Customs Authority.