Transit Documents: What Do I Need?

Let's talk about T1 and T2 Transit Documents.
Road Map Transit Documents

Customs transit is a customs procedure used to move goods within one customs territory, via another, or between two or more different customs territories. The transit procedure can be used to delay the payment of import duties and value-added tax. Duties and VAT can be temporarily suspended.

Transit Documents

If you want to postpone the payment of duties and taxes and first transport your goods to their destination, you need transit documents. There are two types of transit documents:

T1 Document: This is a transport document needed if you want to transport goods from outside the European Union that haven't been brought into free circulation yet.

T2 Document: This is a transport document needed if you want to transport goods that are in free circulation in the EU through or to countries that are not member states, like Iceland, the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Transit goods can be moved from one customs warehouse to another until they are brought into free circulation.

To create transit documents, you need a special permit, specialist knowledge, and an indemnity bond. Customs Support has all three in place.

What We Need From You to Create Transit Documents

After sending us an instruction to create the transit document, several pieces of information and documents are required from you:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Classification, Origin, and Customs Value of the goods
  • Master Bill of Lading
  • Name and address of the recipient of the goods
  • EORI number of the recipient of the goods
  • Customs office of passage
  • Customs office of the destination
  • Prior customs procedure
  • Arrival notice at the customs warehouse

Please be aware that the risk of not clearing the transit document on time is yours. Usually, transit documents need to be cleared within eight days. Customers using a transit document to ship goods to the United Kingdom should ensure their documents are cleared. We've seen issues with this lately.

Please contact one of our specialists if you have any questions about transit documents.