We are Customs Support - your neutral and digital B2B Customs Partner


Our name is Customs Support Group. We chose that name because it describes perfectly what we do. Supporting you in importing and exporting your goods. We support businesses with their customs related processes and problems.

What we are not

Just so we are clear: we are not the customer service department for your local customs authority. As much as we would like to help you with importing personal items, we can not support you. Therefore you should need to address to the local customs authority. We can understand how our name could suggest that for some people. For those with questions for the Customs Authority, we’ve added a list of links to the contact page to many of the customs authorities in Europe.

Who we are and what we do

Customs Support Group is a neutral customs agent. Being neutral is important when dealing with government agencies. We are also an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO certified), which means that our processes have been audited and approved by Customs Authorities. This offers you the ability to process your shipments faster and more efficient, with fewer checks and fewer delays.

Our people are seasoned customs specialists and have extensive knowledge and experience. In that sense, I guess you could call us a customs authority after all. But that’s a different kind.

We have specialized teams for sectors like healthcare, tech, industrial, automotive, and aerospace, to name a few. They stay up to date on the constantly changing international rules and regulations regarding the import and export of your products.

What we do

We offer a broad range of services, for example:

We also have a team of consultants who can solve complex issues or provide longer-term solutions. They can also temporarily replace or assist your own customs specialists

How you can reach us

Contact us if you would like to know more about what we can do for you, or if you have any customs-related questions regarding your imports and exports. One of our specialists will be happy to listen to you and get you the answers and assistance you need.